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Prestige Montessori – Oakville, Ontario
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“Enrolling our son at Prestige Montessori School was one of the easiest decisions that we have made as parents. The owners and staff of the school have treated our son with the utmost respect and sincerity. Our son has academically succeeded beyond our expectations, also learning independence and respect for himself and others.

We as parents sometimes fear handing our children off to others, and we have to say that we have never and continue to not think twice about the safety and environment that our son is in. He is very happy to go to school everyday and even more excited to come home to share his new achievements of the day. We are planning on enrolling our daughter at Prestige as well, and this decision comes without any hesitation.

We are very happy and grateful to Prestige Montessori School for all of their hard work. We look forward to the many more years ahead of not only having our children enrolled at a school, but also having them enrolled within a family environment.”
Tania & Gary

“Prestige Montessori school has been a fantastic experience for our family. We were afraid that his adjustment to the school was going to be difficult due to the fact that he was coming from a home day care environment. Fortunately for us we were wrong.

With just attending to school part time in the first 3 months Sebastian has learned so much. He is even teaching us some French and his Spanish is being reinforced at school. Teachers are dedicated to make the learning experience fun for the kids. We also love the fact that parents are encouraged to participate on school events and activities.

Keep up the good work Prestige!”

Veronica & Gustavo


“My husband and I having been to numerous Montessori tours and open houses, were very impressed with my first meeting with Prestige Montessori as it supersedes my expectations and how it stood out amongst all other Montessori establishments in Oakville. The experience was very impressive, spontaneous and comforting. Walking out of that first meeting with the school Principal, left me with no doubt that we are entrusting our daughters with the right people who will truly help build a strong foundation for their future.

In no time, we were amazed with our daughters progress. From the eagerness to learn through singing songs, reading books, the excitement to do homework and the honest display of self confidence and self esteem. Every day we look forward to picking them up to hear about their day at Prestige Montessori.

Prestige Montessori absolutely lives up to its philosophy of providing a warm, nurturing haven that offers quality education allowing our precious girls to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

We are extremely proud and grateful to be a part of the Prestige Montessori family now and for many more years to come.”

Trish and Dennis


“We have been so happy with Prestige Montessori. Our daughter has learned so much and she has become much more confident. The education which she receives is not only academic but she is learning independence, appreciation for art and culture and is becoming a well-rounded, little citizen. The school has become an extension of our family and is an important part of our community as they continually give back to those in need. Our daughter learns, but more importantly, has fun doing so in an environment that fosters curiosity and success. The teachers and administrators are caring and encouraging and have become an important part of my daughter’s life. Prestige Montessori has taught our daughter a love of learning!”

Nadege and Neville


“We have been quite happy with Prestige Montessori. His growth has been both intellectual and physical as we recognize the good balance that has been reached by the instructors.”

Joe and Sandra


“I chose Prestige Montessori School, because I believed it was the right fit for my son, and I have not been disappointed. The principal and teachers have always been available and attentive to my child’s needs. A safe, warm and nurturing environment amidst bright, clean and spacious classrooms was conducive to successful teaching and learning. Not only does my son now have a good command of the English language, which was foreign to him at the start of the school year, he has also excelled both academically and socially. I wish the school all the best and keep up the good work.”



“We are so very pleased to be a part of the Prestige Montessori family. It is so comforting for us to be able to leave our son at what we consider to be his home away from home. He loves going to school. We are consistently in awe of the advanced concepts that he is being shown and has been able to grasp while having fun during the lessons. Having studied the Montessori method myself, I appreciate that the director, principal and teachers have a thorough understanding of an authentic Montessori environment. They have captured the essence of what Maria Montessori envisioned and our son has benefited immensely from their nurturing and encouragement.”

Priya and Sayf


“Our daughter has grown and progressed on so many levels in her first year at Prestige: a love for music, numbers, language and people. She strives for independence in everything she does and this is due in no small part to the teachers and their methodologies at Prestige Montessori. Everything about the school, the teachers, the warm inviting classroom and learning materials demonstrates a profound respect for children and how they learn and grow. .”

Darren and Roberta

“Prestige Montessori has opened our son’s eyes to learning again. The unique style the teachers have, have made him enjoy coming to school every day. After viewing the school with my wife and son, we noticed how bright, clean all of the classrooms were. My son sat down and started using one of the Montessori activities right away and felt very comfortable, so we knew this was the right school for us.”

Amanda and Paul

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